Tune Cruiser

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Over the last few months I've been developing an app in my spare time which uses the Echonest music analysis API's to generate levels for a tap style game. The key differentiator is that you can import any piece of music into the app and tap along. I'm pretty happy with the result and the app is now is the Apple store. The apps name is Tune Cruiser and you can find it by hitting the link below. I get the feeling that developing the app has been the easy part, now the long hard road of app promotion begins!

More info on this project is on the landing page over http://www.tunecruiser.com/.


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Just before christmas Art Processors completed iAnimal, an interactive experience set at Melbourne Zoo. I was involved in developing the mobile device end of the project. The project runs on 200 or so iPods and leads the audience on one of four walking tours through the zoo. The show runs after the zoo is closed, offering a premium experience as well showing of the animals at their most active time of the day.

Working with the Art Processors team was fantastic, a great group of like minded professionals with a ficus on results. Definitely one of the best teams I've worked with for a while.

If you are in Melbourne over the summer I would strongly suggest you go out and see this experience. It will be a memorable one!

Core Audio Coolness

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I've been working in Core Audio on iOS recently as it got some major upgrades with iOS5 which make it a lot easier to play MIDI based music on the iPhone and iPad. I'm hoping to write some tutorials to bring together the things I've learnt in the hope it will help others. As anyone who has checked out Core Audio will know the documentation is good in some parts but woefully deficient if not completely non-existant in others.

The new(to iOS) MusicPlayer class makes loading, generating and playing sequenced music through a Core Audio Graph much easier than it used to be. Event timing is dealt with by the MusicPlayer and is has some good methods for rearrange and iterate through event data.

Combine this with the new AUSampler and you can pretty much get a music app up and running with minimal hand coding of Audio Units to deal with MIDI and audio generation.

New Site Launch

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A short hiatus in the current project I'm working on has given me the chance to upgrade and regig my website. I think this is the first major change this site has had in over 4 years.  The major upgrade has been to convert the entire site to Joomla 2.5. As I don't have a huge amount of content I finally decided the best thing to do was to manually copy all of the old articles into a new joomla site and then republish. The migration paths from the 1.5Beta version I have been using for the last few years was going to be much more painful.

You'll also notice I've got a new template which I'm pretty happy with as it gives me a fair bit of freedom in terms of layout and it is pretty much all written in HTML 5. Hopefully I'll be less dependent on the various plugins previously required.


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