New Site Launch

Written by Tim Kreger on .

A short hiatus in the current project I'm working on has given me the chance to upgrade and regig my website. I think this is the first major change this site has had in over 4 years.  The major upgrade has been to convert the entire site to Joomla 2.5. As I don't have a huge amount of content I finally decided the best thing to do was to manually copy all of the old articles into a new joomla site and then republish. The migration paths from the 1.5Beta version I have been using for the last few years was going to be much more painful.

You'll also notice I've got a new template which I'm pretty happy with as it gives me a fair bit of freedom in terms of layout and it is pretty much all written in HTML 5. Hopefully I'll be less dependent on the various plugins previously required.


I'm Tim Kreger and I am a freelance interactive applications developer. At the moment my primary focus is iOS development however I've developed applications for a variety of platforms in a plethora of contexts. This website is here to outline the projects and products I've been involved with.


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