Simulus features Melbourne based composers Steve Adam, Ross Bencina, Tim Kreger

The ensemble combines studio aesthetics with live improvisation, performing on instruments created through a diverse range of electroacoustic software running on Macintosh and Windows computers.  Also check out our MySpace page.


With Mark Guglielmetti

Environment Programmer. The project installation consists of a large-scale digital projection that simulates modulating nebulous cloud formations. The point of view of the experience is similar to that experienced flying over cloud formations however in this case the experience would be similar to being suspended above a cloud formation. Multiple users (people) standing in front of (or on top of) a large video projection can interactively modulate the rate at which the cloud formation transforms over time (visually similar to time lapse video of cloud formations).


with Gina Czarnecki

Environment programmer. An installation exploring concepts of disease transference in social contexts. The work uses video tracking software as a basis for interaction with multiple participants. Uses theoretical concepts of contagion and infection. The environment has featured at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, The Block at QUT in Brisbane and The Bluecoat Gallery in Liverpool(UK)

Funded by Forma Arts. UK.

Time Space Modulator and Narrative Engine

with Mark Guglielmetti & Frank Feltham

A work  developing a mutl-modal interface and narrative model for use in a variety of media contexts. The interface (Time Space Modulator) is modelled on a Rubik's Cube and provides a paradigm for the development of a formal system (Narrative Engine).

Funded by the Australia Council (New Media).



AVIE is a 360 degree stereoscopic environment. Developed the sound engine for the 24 channel sound system and incorporated an OSC bridge from Virtools. Assisted with develpoment of of other Virtools based software components including the stereo.


I'm Tim Kreger and I am a freelance interactive applications developer. At the moment my primary focus is iOS development however I've developed applications for a variety of platforms in a plethora of contexts. This website is here to outline the projects and products I've been involved with.


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