With Questacon Science Museum, Canberra.

Environment programmer. An interactive music exhibit were participants play along karaoke style using a broomstick guitar and an ironing board keyboard. This exhibit is part of the Strike-a-Chord exhibition. The experience is similar to Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

Victoria goes Expo

With Sarah Kenderdine and Museum of Victoria

Sound Design/Music. 3d stereo video documentation of the World Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan.


Sacred Angkor

With Metraform and Sarah Kenderdine for Museum of Victoria.

Environment programmer. An 8 stereo video screen exhibition featuring the stereo panoramas of Peter Murphy.  Technically one of the most challenging works I have worked on.  The eight screens are synchronised across eight networked computers as is the eight 5.1 sounds systems, one for each screen. I was responsible for implementing the environment from scratch using the Virtools VR development kit

Panoramas of Melbourne

With Metraform and State Library of Victoria

Interaction Designer and Programmer.  An interactive kiosk featuring historical photos of Melbourne which forms part of the Changing Face of Victoria exhibition at the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne.  The Panoramas of Melbourne is an interactive mutli-screen display of panoramas from the 1840's to present day. The display brings to life the significant historical documents from the Library's photographic collection that illustrate the urban development of the city and its colourful social, cultural, commercial and religious history.


With Metraform.

"A realtime transformational space for individual and collection interaction". A virtual environment where users navigate using head-trackers. I was responsible for porting this environment from a SGI Onyx based system to a PC cluster based system. This involved re-authoring the environment in Virtools, rewriting the head-tracking/navigation algorithm and developing an OSC client for communication with Max/MSP(sound).


I'm Tim Kreger and I am a freelance interactive applications developer. At the moment my primary focus is iOS development however I've developed applications for a variety of platforms in a plethora of contexts. This website is here to outline the projects and products I've been involved with.


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