Tune Cruiser

Sole Developer.

Tune Cruiser is a music tap game which lets you import your own.

Storyboarding, Facebook integration, Echonest server interaction via JSON, game play and server based leader board system.

Many thanks to Nic Whyte for slick and sic graphics.



Car Crusher

AppinTheBox. Lead Programmer.

Car Crusher is a puzzle game where users use various objects to guide a falling car through to the crusher.

Implemented interface and calculation routines. Prepared for App Store and deployed.


Drop The Chicken

AppInTheBox. Lead Programmer

Drop the Chicken is a puzzle game in which users place objects to bounce, slider or float a Chicken to its nest.

Integrated Game Center. General maintenance and upgrades


Platinum Calculator

AppInTheBox. Lead Programmer.

A simple yet beautiful looking calculator.

Implemented interface and calculation routines. Prepared for App Store and deployed.



Kelly Jarris.

A childrens read along book with some interactive components.

Developed interactive Xylophone. Prepared for App Store and deployed.


High Tide

AppInTheBox. Lead Programmer

A Tiny Wings inspired sinusoidal side scroller.

Integrated In App Purchases and Game Center. Implemented interface, particle systems and fine tuned physics engine. Prepared for App Store and deployed.



With Sharp Creative Agency/iTalentCast. Lead Programmer.

A casting application which allows users to audition for parts through their iPhone camera. After auditioning the user uploads the file and it is sent directly to the auditioning body.

Implemented interface. Developed server interface routines(asynchronous XML), video/audio uploader, In App Subscription. Prepared for App Store and deployed.


Bouncy Bug,

With AppInTheBox. Lead Programmer.

Bouncy Bug is skill game using soft body physics to help a hungry bug collect fruit.

Developed soft body physics system(jelly/liquid interaction system). Integrated Game Center and In App Purchases. Implemented interface. Prepared for App Store and deployed.


WakeUpPro Alarm

With AppInTheBox. Lead Programmer.

WakeUpPro Alarm is an alarm for iPad and iPhone which allows you to select your own music.

Implemented interface, set up local notification response mechanism.



I'm Tim Kreger and I am a freelance interactive applications developer. At the moment my primary focus is iOS development however I've developed applications for a variety of platforms in a plethora of contexts. This website is here to outline the projects and products I've been involved with.


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