With Concentric Asia Pacific/Bluescope. Lead Programmer.

An application for providing loading guides for Bluescope products. Maps from load manifests to spatial location on trucks based on geometry, drop location and stacking protocols.

CVAM Analysis

With Concentric Asia Pacific/Defence Science and Technology Organisation. Lead Programmer.

A vulnerability assessment package for visualisation and analysis of projectile and explosive weapons effect on military vessels and vehicles.

Responsible for windows form application interface, visualisation environment, DLL wrapper/interface to restricted blast and and projectile algorithms.

Contagion Environment

With Gina Czarnecki and Forma Arts , UK.

A multiscreen interactive environment using the Torque Game Engine, OpenCV, and the Eyecon camera based tracking system. Utilises principles of congation and infection in public environments.

AVIE Sound Engine

With iCinema.

A 24 channel sound locative sound environment using Supercollider. Features a sample accurate video synchronisation with the Virtools VR enviroment. Capable of playing up to 100 simultaneous sounds discreetly positioned within the 360 degree environment. The engine was built in Supercollider and was driven via OSC commands from the Virtools environment.

AVIE Movie PLayer

With iCinema.

Implemented the stereo 360 degree movie player for AVIE in conjunction with others at Icinema. Also created the tagging software used for classifying the 20, 000 television clips used in the Tvisionarium II project.  This project was developed using a toolset developed by the team at Icinema which integrates the Virtools environement.

OSC client/server for Virtools

An Open Sound Control client for sending information from Virtools to any OSC capable music application. Used for communicating with Max/MSP in the Ecstasis project.

Torque Game Engine OSC Bridge

An extension to the Torque Game Engine allowing the environment to send and receive Open Sound Control messages. This allows the programmer/scripter/design to access synthesis and sound engines external to the Torque system offering more varied musical possibilities within the gaming environment.


With Simulus.

P5osc is a terminal application for converting P5 Glove data into OSC messages. The project was funded by Arts Victoria through the Simulus ensemble.

Behringer DDX3216

With SIAL Sound Studios.

Macintosh Graphic User Interface for Behringer DDX3216 digital mixing console.

This project was commission by the SIAL Sound Studios at RMIT and was developed using Max/MSP. The application provides visual information about the state of the mixer, making it simpler and easier  to know how the unit is configured.


I'm Tim Kreger and I am a freelance interactive applications developer. At the moment my primary focus is iOS development however I've developed applications for a variety of platforms in a plethora of contexts. This website is here to outline the projects and products I've been involved with.


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